The soundboard you've always wanted!
Conversations that break your barriers
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What if you found answers to your greatest go-to-market barriers over a cup of coffee?

We’ve spent the last decade helping founders get their ideas off the ground
In the weeds, sleeves rolled-up, we’ve worked alongside founding teams to launch their products, get their first cohort of users, reach PMF, get momentum, build traction and successfully carve out a reputation in their niche.

3420 Product Hunt launches, 20 fractional CMO hats and 1000s of ‘sprint’ hours later, the single most effective tool we’ve used to solve almost all problems has been - office hours.

Scaledock is a weekly sprint program designed to solve your biggest GTM challenges.

So how does this work? We get on calls with you every week. And join your slack team.

What do we do on these calls? Solve just about anything you need.

Need help nailing down your positioning?
We’ve got a framework for that

Wanna write some kickass hero copy?
Piece of cake

Need someone in the room while you negotiate with an agency?

Struggling to figure out why your churn is so high? Let’s take a look
Crack segmentation
Refine personas
Craft brand identity
Build outbound campaigns
Plan social
Optimise ads
Refine onboarding
Strategise inbound
Set-up dashboards
Study data
Perfect customer education
Build workflows
Break through your toughest barriers every week!
Stuff we can talk about


Start strong with credible validation for your vision
Validation expertise
Market validation
Problem validation
Product validation


Get your market, segments and user cohorts right
Audience expertise
Personas and ICP
Adoption Curve Plan


Stand apart from your competition with a unique brand
Brand expertise
Brand Archetype
Brand Personality
Brand Voice


Speak about your brand and product with confidence
Messaging experise
Brand positioning
Messaging frameworks
Functional comms


Build a website that effectively engages your market
Web expertise
Homepage strategy
User journeys
Information architecture


Set-up your marketing tech systems to work for you
Martech expertise
Email automation
Marketing stack


Convert valuable users into paying customers
Conversion expertise


Build and scale campaigns that move your MRR.
Outbound expertise
Ad management
Social prospecting
Email prospecting


Get your audience and market to come to you.
Inbound expertise
Content marketing
Social calendar
Network development


Make data driven decision will strong analytics systems
Analytics expertise
Marketing analytics
Product analytics
Revenue analytics
Who we are

Kevin William David

Hello, my name is Kevin.

Over the last decade, I've helped more than 3000 startups and 10000 founders launch their products on Product Hunt at no cost. As a Product Hunt user since it began in November 2013, I rank among the top three hunters on the global leaderboard. My assistance includes advising founders on product launch strategies, market entry tactics, marketing strategies, and growth experiments.

Recently, I was the Head of Marketing at PushOwl, a leading bootstrapped Shopify App for push notifications with over 25k+ users with revenue in millions and was subsequently acquired by Brevo - a Marketing Automation firm with an ARR of over $100 million.

Over the last few years, I’ve played the role of Global Director for Angelist’s community, raised funding from top VCs for my startup, started a product studio and launched an average of 30 startups every month on Product Hunt.

I’ve built ScaleDock to create a support system for founders. Building a startup is a crazy rollercoaster and sometimes all one needs is a soundboard to fall back on.
Who we are

Shobith John

Hello! I'm Shobith.For over a decade now, even before the term caught on, I've played the role of fractional CMO for companies around the globe. My expertise, honed in the trenches of agency work, spans a broad range of industries - from Ed-tech to Fintech, Health Tech to DTC, E-commerce to Fashion, SaaS, Non-profit, media, and even FNB.

In the last eight years, I've spearheaded growth and marketing projects for more than 50 companies and advised over a 100 startups. Beyond that, I've educated global startups on growth best practices, provided accelerators with crucial support for their portfolio companies, and conducted a plethora of workshops.

Yet, at the heart of my professional life are the conversations I have with startup founders. A major portion of my time has been devoted to calls, texts, slack, DMs, and zoom meetings, being a soundboard to founders.

All of these experiences led to the creation of Scaledock. I firmly believe that with the right conversations and disciplined execution, no growth challenge is too great. Scaledock is designed to be a hassle-free, extremely flexible, and convenient growth solution for founders who aim to build and grow their brands from scratch.
How we work

The simplest go-to-market solution you'll find

Our model is designed for maximum flexibility. You can start, pause, or stop at any time. There are no lock-ins, no notice periods, and it's tailored to your calendar.
$ 3,000.00 USD
Weekly sessions for founders looking to build steady.
One session per week
Daily support hours on Slack
$ 5,000.00 USD
Two sessions a week for founders looking to move fast.
Two sessions a week
Extended daily support on Slack
Fractional CMO
$ 10,000.00 USD
Around-the-clock support for founders looking for growth leadership
Unlimited Calls
Team integration on Slack


We run a variety of sessions to fit the needs of our clients
Type 1

Open sessions

These sessions could range from regular brainstorming hours to putting out your latest fire.
Research and discovery
Strategy and planning
Brainstorming and ideaboarding
Type 2

Framework sessions

These sessions are used to tackle a specific strategic need using a framework from our library.
Audience and segments
User jouneys and onboarding
Inbound and outbound planning
Type 3

Working sessions

We use these sessions to tackle key pieces of work that need to get done in-person.
Write copy
Setup ads
Build dashboards

Asked Questions

How does this work?

We hold weekly calls with you or your team to support your go-to-market (GTM) or growth objectives. We adapt these calls to your specific needs. If you need help identifying your niche, enhancing your positioning, or planning your onboarding, we hold strategic sessions. If you require help with setting up LinkedIn ads, creating your hero copy, or designing your pitch deck, we hold working sessions. If tasked with leading a growth team, we use these calls to collaborate, plan the week, evaluate progress, and provide guidance.

We also join your team's Slack for constant availability throughout the week.

Why is this model effective?

Efficient startups typically require minimal assistance to thrive. Proper guidance can facilitate rapid growth. If a team lacks crucial skills, we assist founders in recruiting or locating competent partners. Though some teams may need substantial initial support, a weekly call and slack support can maintain growth once operations are streamlined.

Founders often favor this approach over outsourcing their marketing to an agency, which may take months to set up, require significant resources to launch, and offer no real commitment to results.

What stage of companies does this model work best for?

We have experience working with a broad range of companies, from early-stage startups yet to launch to established businesses known in their markets. The nature of our involvement varies based on the startup's stage and needs. Smaller teams often require more assistance in building their marketing strategy from the ground up, while mature startups typically seek our help to address specific issues, such as high churn rates or entering new markets.

What is the ideal number of sessions per week?

The session frequency is tailored to the startup's requirements. Startups in a strategic phase, like planning a launch or entering a new market, may need multiple sessions weekly. However, if the startup's operations are ongoing and they require our leadership for their growth team or assistance in optimizing results, a weekly call typically keeps the growth team active.

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