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$ 3,000.00 USD
Weekly sessions for founders looking to build steady.
One session per week
Daily support hours on Slack
All frameworks
$ 5,000.00 USD
Two sessions a week for founders looking to move fast.
Two sessions a week
Extended daily support on Slack
Access to all frameworks
Fractional CMO
$ 10,000.00 USD
Around-the-clock support for founders looking for growth leadership
Unlimited Calls
Team integration on Slack
Access to all frameworks

Asked Questions

How does this work?

We hold weekly calls with you or your team to support your go-to-market (GTM) or growth objectives. We adapt these calls to your specific needs. If you need help identifying your niche, enhancing your positioning, or planning your onboarding, we hold strategic sessions. If you require help with setting up LinkedIn ads, creating your hero copy, or designing your pitch deck, we hold working sessions. If tasked with leading a growth team, we use these calls to collaborate, plan the week, evaluate progress, and provide guidance.

We also join your team's Slack for constant availability throughout the week.

Why is this model effective?

Efficient startups typically require minimal assistance to thrive. Proper guidance can facilitate rapid growth. If a team lacks crucial skills, we assist founders in recruiting or locating competent partners. Though some teams may need substantial initial support, a weekly call and slack support can maintain growth once operations are streamlined.

Founders often favor this approach over outsourcing their marketing to an agency, which may take months to set up, require significant resources to launch, and offer no real commitment to results.

What stage of companies does this model work best for?

We have experience working with a broad range of companies, from early-stage startups yet to launch to established businesses known in their markets. The nature of our involvement varies based on the startup's stage and needs. Smaller teams often require more assistance in building their marketing strategy from the ground up, while mature startups typically seek our help to address specific issues, such as high churn rates or entering new markets.

What is the ideal number of sessions per week?

The session frequency is tailored to the startup's requirements. Startups in a strategic phase, like planning a launch or entering a new market, may need multiple sessions weekly. However, if the startup's operations are ongoing and they require our leadership for their growth team or assistance in optimizing results, a weekly call typically keeps the growth team active.

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